Welcome to Deskalot – the platform where you can rent & get flexible workplaces in no time

What is Deskalot?

Deskalot is a revolutionary platform where anyone, private or professional, can rent out available workspaces to anyone who needs them.

Anyone who is looking for such a workspace can then find and book it on deskalot.com.

We aim to offer the widest possible range of workspaces, office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, event locations, etc. on the platform.

Because flexible & hybrid working, that is what we believe in at Deskalot.

How does Deskalot work?

The principle of Deskalot is simple: everyone can both rent and let workspaces on the platform.


Are you looking for a workspace, an office space or a meeting room for a short period of time?
Then simply create an account on deskalot.com, enter the location where you are looking for a workspace, book via the platform and you are ready to start working flexibly.

You can choose for yourself how long you book your workspace. This way, you have full flexibility in your own hands.

Rent out

Do you have a workplace, office space or conference room that is more empty than it is being used for?
Then you can easily put it up for rent on deskalot.com. Simply create an account, create a new lisiting on the platform, choose your price and that’s it!

Now all members of Deskalot can rent your location.

Become a member

Deskalot helps you to make your empty space profitable. Add your desk. List all the unique benefits so that your space stands out and you are ready to receive bookings.

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