Give your employees the flexibility to choose

Deskalot allows you to meet all the needs of your employees. The times when everyone came to sit in the office from 9 to 5 are over. Give your employees the flexibility and thrust to choose where they work.

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Ready for the future?

We help you on your way to the hybrid work environment of the future

Letting your employees work where they want has never been easier. Give your employees access to the largest office network in Belgium, while you set the limits. Choose at Deskalot for a workplace, meeting room, or conference room.

Give Trust

Lower your retention and attract new employees through a policy of trust and flexibility.

Boost creativity

By working hybrid, you increase the creativity and productivity of your employees.

Work where you want

53% of workers in Belgium say they want to work hybrid. Give your employees what they want.

No fixed prices

You set the budget for your employees and receive weekly reports.

Not convinced about hybrid working yet? Take a real-life test

We are ready to help you at the pace you choose. Feel free to start with a smaller team to see the impact or need within your company. Deskalot is happy to help you get started.

You are in control

Choose the budget your employees receive.

Improve productivity

Let everyone choose where they want to work.

Start small

No minimum amount required. Start small with 1 team and discover the power of hybrid working.

Pay based on usage

No fixed fees or subscriptions. Pay based on usage and need.

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Flexible work hours created


We think hybrid working is a basic right. And so do our users.

What our users and partners say

Already booked an office 3 times very last minute. Immediately arranged also the admin. Highly recommended.

Dennis De Cat

Manager Upthrust

Recently booked meeting room through Deskalot and everything was perfectly fine. Very easy to use!


UI Developer

Very handy when I'm on the road and in between meetings looking for a quiet place to work productively. The fact that you can work at different locations also provides networking opportunities.

Tom Claysen

Sales Officer

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What our users and partners say

Not convinced about hybrid working yet? Take a real-life test

Choose from 3 flexible solutions:

I want this solution

Company vouchers

A company can purchase budget in advance and then utilise it with a custom code specific to that company.

✔︎ Share and exchange codes with colleagues and employees

✔︎ Everything is handled easily with company vouchers: no issues with refunds, no impact on payroll, etc.

 ✔︎ Budget is available forever on Deskalot

I want this solution

Build a strong culture of trust by generating a company-specific code that can be used by anyone with that code.

✔︎ Employees can flexibly book workspaces or meeting rooms 

✔︎ Monthly billing based on usage (no monthly lump sum)

Company specific codes

I want this solution

This solution makes it possible to upload budgets per employee that they can spend on Deskalot to work time and place independently.

✔︎ Fully control the budget per employee

✔︎ Gives freedom to choose where to work

✔︎ Costs are charged on the basis of use (no monthly fixed amount)

Budget per employee